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  Data Collection  

The technologies of business data collection have changed rapidly over recent years, as businesses replace cumbersome, paper-based systems with fast, high-tech infrastructures. The introduction of multimodal systems using bar code scanning, radio frequency identification (RFID), and speech recognition now give companies a better means to operate with an emphasis on speed and accuracy. 

If you are concerned about improving your performance in any of the following areas, we can help:

  • Real-time decision making
  • Mobile worker productivity
  • Customer loyalty and repeat business
  • Asset failures and out-of-stock conditions
  • Compliance


SF-61 with speech

 Bar Coding:

Genesta's goal is to make your supply chain run better. Our in-depth knowledge of bar code scanners, media, and printers ensures that the right bar code based technologies match the opportunity and provides an adequate return on investment for your warehousing and distribution. We offer the latest and greatest label printing solutions from top manufacturers Zebra, Printek and Intermec that withstand a wide range of environmental scenarios. Throughout production and distribution, our innovative solutions keep track of your products in the most rigorous situations.

Genesta's data collection partners include:

Motorola Intermec LXE

Data Collection Case Study

Industry: Insurance

Background: A large insurance company was having a difficult time managing the consumption of their critical internal and customer forms, marketing collateral and related paper products. The sales and administrative staffs were frequently frustrated and embarrassed by the productivity delays caused by out-of-stock conditions. They knew they needed a way to better manage this inventory, but didn't know where to turn for the solution, until they came to Genesta.

Goals: Eliminate out-of-stock conditions through real-time inventory visibility

Solution: Genesta designed and implemented a multi-modal system that used wireless terminals, portable bar code scanners and a document labeling system to monitor inventory and automate reordering.

Value Delivered: Genesta's solution not only reduced the amount of buffer stock needed, it all but eliminated out-of-stock occurrences, thereby improving customer and employee satisfaction.




Radio frequency identification (RFID) allows data to be written and retrieved from tags using radio signals. Tags are typically used to store a unique serial or identification number for a product or an asset. RFID is used in environments and applications where they provide a significant advantage over bar codes. As opposed to bar coding, RFID allows multiple tag readings at once, and each tag can hold specific unit information. These added benefits increase output while allowing you to cut costs through automation.

Piloting, integrating, and implementing RFID represents a substantial challenge to organizations today. In addition to dealing with the basic issues associated with learning and acquiring a new technology, divergent compliance requirements and evolving standards are forcing organizations to spend more time gazing into the RFID crystal ball than solving the real world problems that RFID is intended to address: Increased productivity, traceability, security and so on.

Genesta provides expert and proven RFID assessment, design, development, and installation services to allow for seamless RFID Inventory Tracking. A Genesta site assessment will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of potential use cases along with associated physical infrastructure and hardware design requirements. From this design phase, Genesta provides design and deployment services to ensure that functional requirements translate into reliable operational systems.

Key benefits of this architectural approach are:

  • Scales to thousands of deployed RFID Readers / Controllers

  • Provides a reliable and proven connectionless model for deployment over various WLAN / WAN / LAN / WiFi communications networks

  • Performs sub-second processing capabilities at the reader that is extensible via simple scripting

  • Integrates easily with other web-based applications

  • Operates on several 3rd party RFID hardware platforms (Intermec, Impinj, Motorola)

  • Allows for direct integration to existing databases and management systems

If you are looking for help understanding or implementing an RFID base solution, simply request a free consultation to get started.



RFID Case Study

 Industry: Automotive

Background: An automotive company was looking to increase efficiency throughout their engine production process. This company tracked engines circulating in their facility on an overhead conveyor system using bar codes. The bar code system was tied to a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) from Allen Bradley that controlled the conveyor. The data from the bar code was used to trigger diverters that routed the engine through the plant. Unfortunately, bar codes get dirty in an automotive facility. Buildup of oil, grease, and dirt reduced the reliability of bar code reads. Maintenance workers had to regularly clean the bar codes to keep the system operational. Missed bar code reads resulted in incorrect routing of engines, which left employees waiting for work and caused delays in shipping engines to their assembly plants.

Goals: Increase Routing Accuracy and Reduce Shipping Delays

Solution: Genesta replaced the bar code readers with smart RFID readers. The readers were equipped with software that made them look like bar code readers to the PLC, eliminating the need to change the PLC software. The supplied RFID tags and readers allowed data to be read and written to the tag. The write capability allowed engine specific data to be married to the engine when loaded on the conveyor.

Some readers in the plant were equipped with additional software that provided the capability to interface with PLCs controlling assembly and paint operations. Data fed to these PLCs automated these processes. The software on the readers was flexible, allowing for the addition of new readers to be used to automate additional assembly steps. New readers continue to be added today.

Value Delivered: Genesta's solution increased efficiency from a 75% read rate to 90%. This improved tracking efficiency lead to fewer errors down the production line. RFID not only allowed for immediate improvement in engine tracking, but also opened the door for other improvements in the operation, including automation. 


SyVox Speech Recognition:

Genesta’s SyVox speech-based solutions help optimize the performance of mobile workers who need access to computer data while performing their work. Our pioneering technology frees the hands and eyes of mobile workers for increased safety, accuracy, and productivity.

SyVox productivity solutions apply to many industries, helping mobile workers enter and retrieve data more efficiently and accurately, in real time. SyVox stands alone in combining state-of-the-art technology, and industrial expertise to create a total solution for your enterprise. SyVox software can be easily integrated into new or existing applications, allowing clients to leverage their current operational practices and technology investment to improve worker productivity, satisfaction and safety.

For more information on SyVox, visit the SyVox website:

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